Upload Tones in one go

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to upload all of the Tones in the app in one go ? Like a complete back-up, and then "restore" it ? In other words, not back up one by one ? Mainly, the idea is so that I have the same settings on the phone, as well as my tablet.

  • You can transfer your own presets to other IOS devices as follows:
    Connect the iPad with your presets to the Mac
    Open Finder and click on iPad
    Then click on Files and Spark
    Drag and drop the Preset folder in Spark onto the Mac screen.
    Remove the IPad and connect the iPhone.
    Open Finder and click iPhone
    First click on Files, then Spark
    Drag and drop presets from the screen to the Spark folder.
    Delete the old preset file there
    Remove the iPhone

  • I think the term you're looking for is "batch", as in a batch upload.