• I was reading about using an Widows based Android emulator. But, Blue tooth won't work. I tried a different approach. I am using Windows 10, On my laptop. I have a 1 terabyte HD (NEVER going to use all of it). I went into Disk Management, reduced the C:\ partition to 800 gigabytes. I used an Android OS (Bliss 11), And installed it on the new 100 gig partition. Downloaded the spark Amp app, And it works great! A little getting used to using a mouse on Android, But catching on easy. You also have to go into the bias, And select boot order. You have to hit F9, And select which partition you want. Also, If you just let it start up by itself, It will go to Windows by default! My other half, is a 33 year retiree from UC Davis , IT specialist! It helps!!