Screeching feedback!

  • Someone help, this is driving me mad! I have an iPad Pro, Irig 2..into headphones.

    When I open the app even With nothing at all plugged in, as soon all I get is feedback, headphones are impossible unless I want to go deaf, same with any sort of line out to speakers or an amp. I’ve tried everything, turning the power and pre amps off stops some of the squealing but I either loose sound quality or the effects stop working, if I try and add any sort of volume..squealing. Noise gates help a little but as soon as the volume goes up or I add any sort of gain...squealing!

    I’ve tried on my iPhone and it’s the same. I’ve tried amplitude and no issues other than excessive noise which is resolved with a noise gate. There seems to be very little support or info on the PG website.

    Am I missing some sort of setting in the app?