Bias FX 2 sound issues

  • Hi all,

    I've already searched the forum but could not find anything hence this post.
    I was wondering if someone could help me out with my tones in Bias FX 2.

    With most tones there some buzz or hum to be heard. Furthermore the sound is kind of thin and lacking 'body'. In general I feel that an overall feeling of prettiness or richness which usually characterize a tone is missing. A shame since imo a good tone is what makes the guitar sing!

    I hope to find out if this is due to my hardware setup or settings in Bias which can be changed.
    Any advice, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Audio settings: 48000 hz, 480 samples (10ms)
    Audio interface: Behringer U-Phobia UMC202HD
    Speaker: I've tried various ones, no studio speakers however.
    Guitar: Fender Strat Player series 2018 (the Alnico 5V singles coils in this one provide more punch then usual so I would not attribute this thinness to them).

    Cheers and rock on.