Android 10

  • PLEASE HELP ME!! I have android 10. I have no triangel in the top bar (behind example:clean OR silver ship), I cannot reach the presets like i' m in love. I Read that Spark is not compatible with android 10, but with 9.0 and 8.1. Does IT work with you android 10 users??? Does Anyone have a suggestion how to solve this?

  • Works with 8.1 or above, including 10. Presets are accessed via the top center button on the amps/pedals home screen (see page 9 of user manual).

  • Thanks you for your answer! It does not work because i do not have the necessary triangel behind the amp name to click on.So i do not have access to the presets like : I'm in love etc...What can i do about IT! I have android 10 on a new Motorola mobile.

  • @dre113 Just tap the button labeled as E on page 9 of the user manual. That should open a screen showing any software presets, and if the app is connected to the amp it will also show the four amp presets in the Hardware tab. If tapping that E button doesn't work I'd say you need to uninstall the app, restart your phone, reinstall the app and make sure it's updated to the latest version, which is

  • Thanks again! What do you see in label E? Do you have a active trangle behind the name for example: silver ship? I tried everything. My firmware is alsof fine and updated.