Spark Setting suggestion for electronic drum set

  • Hi!
    I would to plug an electronic drum set instead of a guitar in my spark. Do you have a suggestion for the settings?
    I tried plugging it in the line in at the back but the volume is too weak so now trying to use the guitar jack input but wondering what would be the best settings in that case.

  • done that heaps of times.
    Use the edrums mono out straight into the spark guitar input and flick through the bass presets on the app to find the best ones with a bit of reverb.
    Your drum output volume is important as there's only 4" speakers in the spark, which don't handle too much and tend to flap with excess volumes.
    And you'll need to adjust the toms, snare, cymbal volumes on your edrum module to balance/mix the outputs to suit ...
    less is more..

  • Thanks @crystalpit , I will give it a try!