BIAS Amp 2 and BIAS Pedal wont load

  • Hi, I've recently just purchased BIAS Platinum but BIAS Amp 2 and BIAS Pedal wont load in either standalone or my DAW (Reaper).

    I'm using Win10 64 Biut, Ive tried to reinstall it as per instructions but still cannot get them to load, any help would be appreciated. Please see screenshot to show how far it will load. It just stays like that.

    0_1610221352795_Untitled.png image url)

    For BIAS Pedal I get this:



  • Pray this doesn't pile ignorance on top of ignorance.
    Go in there and delete all of these entries. Get rid of everything Positive Grid.
    Go to your user name tree. Do AppData and delete everything offending as per the plugin giving problems. Option to delicately rename folders to "backup" or something, but just get rid of everything.There are more registry entries from old installs, but can ignore them.
    Reinstall and see what happens. Hope this remotely helps.

    John K