No Sound from Guitar input; Bluetooth plays fine

  • I'm wondering if anyone's experienced the following issue:

    I turned my Spark on today and heard only static. The static changes in volume and character as I cycle through different settings on left-most rotary knob between "bass" and "metal."

    Performed factory reset; no change.

    Turned amp off & disconnected all cables for >2 min. Turned back on; no change.

    Other info: Amp has not been moved since last use. Guitar cable and guitar have checked "ok" through another amp.

    The odd thing is the bluetooth will connect and music will play through the spark app through the amp's speaker, but there is no sound through the guitar input.

    If anyone's had this issue, please leave a comment. Thanks!

  • Here's a video of the amp exhibiting the problem. Note the same background noise persists with or without a cable input, and with or without the bluetooth connected.