Different ASIO drivers for input and output?

  • In the audio setup UI there is a selection for different input and output ASIO drivers. But if you set either of them, the other changes to the new selection.

    so two questions :

    Why bother having two dropdowns if they are forced to be the same? Can't give me hope then snatch it away like that :)

    But more importantly :

    How do a sent the output to a different ASIO driver than the input? Or is that just not possible?

    Background : Why would I want to do this? I want to stream BIAS FX. So I don't want the output to go back to my DI, I want it to go somewhere else. I've tired doing this w/ reaper (ReaRoute) then again w/ voicemeter. Both add a lot of latency that wouldn't need to exist if Bias FX could just deal with different input and output ASIO drivers.

    My DI is a actual mixer (Zedi-8), so I even put a patch cable from the output to another input... So it's doing D/A twice, and as you'd expect adds more latency. Although it's a bit faster than the virtual patches above.

    It would be way better if BIAS FX's VST wrapper could just handle different input and output AISO drivers like the UI suggests it should. (I assume the stand alone app is just a VST wrapper).

    I'm sure almost everyone's guitar lessons are virtual these days, and maybe continue to be in the future (turns out I actually like them better). I think supporting this type of feature would get a lot of use.

    details : Windows 10, x64 everything Bias FX, DSP Engine 2277, build 64-bit

    Thanks in advance,