Windowsize on desktop-version and non-apple switch options

  • Re: Bias FX 2 Standalone - UI - sizable window request

    I totally agree with the writer of the first post that positive grid should at last make the window on the desktop version of BIAS FX2 and BIAS AMP2 sizable.

    Most of us music guys have access to some really big screens. It completely annoys me (and others for sure!) to have to scroll through my chain in BIAS FX (and FX2) when the damn window does not even use half of the width of my monitor!

    It's not such a big deal to optimize that, is it? The programm is outstanding on the side of sounds, but somewhat lacking in usability when not using an iPad. Yes there are still people, not using those immensly overpriced apple products.

    I can also not understand that there is no real possibility to make these excellent software work with any kind of midi-switches or similar cable-bound solutions. If you want to use it live, you need an iPad. Even the BIAS AMP versions have no real possibility to include the BIAS FX software in a live situation. I was really considering getting a BIAS AMP, but this was for me a deal-breaker. You unecessarily loose customers to Fractal Audio, Line6 and the likes because you seem unable to come up with some decent and live usable hardware to run your outstanding software on. This makes me sad.

    I hope that there will soon be a time, positive grid takes off his apple goggles and starts proper developing for all systems alike...