Anyone using the Spark App with an iPhone 6s?

  • I have an iPhone 6s as well as a couple of iPads and the Spark app gives me a "failed to connect" when I try connecting. Bluetooth otherwise works fine and I can even play backing tracks and the other things on the app out of the Amp, but it won't connect to edit the patches.
    So, to repeat, the amp works great as a Bluetooth Speaker, but fails to connect to edit the patches.
    My iPhone 6s Plus (and my wife's 6s) both show the same failure to connect. I actually created a troubleshooting spreadsheet to try connection in every possible configuration (paired, not paired, paired but not connected, etc.) and I tried it also on my two iPad airs.
    The IOS on my devices is within Positive Grid's parameters, so that's not the issue.

    I am just about to return it, despite the fact that it fulfills precisely my needs (low volume distortion so my wife doesn't divorce me), but I'd hate for this to be an issue with the iPhone 6s and older IOS devices. Unfortunately, the only Android devices I have are too old to run the app.

    If someone is running the Spark40 with an iPhone 6s or older, or an ipad Air 2, can you please let me know so I will return it knowing the the next one will work properly.
    Thank you.

  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus and an iPad Air 2 and my new 12pro in use. Spark works fine with the iPad Air 2 and my new iPhone 12pro. My old iPhone 6S Plus I haven't tested yet. If it works fine too, I will let you know.

  • My iPhone 6s Plus works fine, too.

  • Running on a 6 & a 6S and an iPad Air2 with no problems at all. 🎸🎸🎸

  • @conticreative If you've already connected the Spark40 with a device it may be that it is connecting with that device immediately when you power the amp on so that it won't connect with another device. To accurately test your iPhone 6s have your iPad Airs both "forget" the Spark40 in the bluetooth settings and then try to pair it with you iPhone6s.