Music volume control quit working......

  • When playing music on the Spark, via Bluetooth, the small music volume control does not work. It worked fine for the previous week, but suddenly stopped working I’m using an iPad with the Spark app. I did a reset on the amp, paired the amp to my pad again, hoping that would solve the problem, no luck. I am able to control the volume using the volume control on my iPad, but that’s not a solution.

    Update.. I contacted customer service and they first had me update the firmware on the Spark. Unfortunately, that did not correct the problem. PG sent me a shipping label via PDF, that I printed and sent the amp to their service center for repair. The promise is that my amp will be repaired and returned to me within ten business days...... Note - if you expect a quick response from PG, you are probably going to be disappointed. Following three days of back and forth emails, It took four days fo them to finally send a shipping label and issue a RMA order for repair. Being that I am already pissed that the amp failed within hours of receiving it, you would think they could be more responsive to my problems. Not the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, but PG certainly has much room for improvement in this regard.
    For now, I’m just waiting to have my amp returned to me, hopefully in working order. I’ll continue to update this post until my issues with this amp are addressed.