HowTo recording not just Guitar also the Backingtrack from IOS BT Device?

  • If I payalong with a Song / Rhythm on the IOS Spark Amp App how to record also the Song / Backingtrac to the PC (not just only the guitar)?

  • @herb There are two ways to do what you want, , recording the mixed backing track and guitar sound, neither of which involve the Spark's USB connection.

    1. use an audio interface into the computer, and use a cable from the Headphone out jack of the Spark into the audio interface.
    2. same as step 1 except use a microphone (some say two, each one aimed at one of the Spark's two speakers) into the audio interface instead of the cable. This of course runs the risk of picking up extraneous sounds (a firetruck passing your house with its siren on, or a person walking into the room and speaking).
      In your DAW or other recording software select the audio interface as the input device.

    Another way if you are using an mp3 file from your iOS device is to simply import that audio into two tracks of your DAW (or one stereo track), and then use the USB out from the Spark as the input in a third track to record your guitar.

    Given all the problems people seem to be having using the USB connection (guitar sound too low, the Spark USB connection not appearing in the list of possible inputs, etc.) I think the best bet is step 1, using the audio cable connection from the Spark (keep the Output level low on the Spark until you're sure everything's working properly and then gradually raise it to the level you want) into the audio interface.