External pedal into spark40?

  • Has anyone tried to plug a pedal into the amp yet? Can this be done? If I wanted to add a pedal EQ or some other type of effect the spark doesnt have before the amp?

  • @comptech302 Yes, people have added pedals to the chain. The problem with putting an EQ in front of the Spark is that by the time the sound is processed by the Spark the EQ won't have much effect. But things like loopers (as long as you want the same guitar sound on each pass of the loop) and wah pedals work just fine.

  • I was just comparing my actual Tube Screamer vs the Spark's last night. I also run my Klon(e), Rockett Bkue Note and Timmy into it.

  • Really keen to see how well it takes external pedals before I consider buying one. There's a real lack of info on this online it seems.

  • @johndinsdale229 It takes them just fine-- but whatever tone comes out of the pedal is acted upon by the effects and amp model chain inside the Spark40 amp. So if you use a distortion pedal in front of the Spark and then have a built-in distortion pedal enabled, you'll be distorting an already distorted signal, which will probably not sound good. The same if you use a reverb or echo pedal with a similar pedal within the Spark40 enabled. If you already have pedals you like, there's really no need to buy the Spark40 at all -- get a better practice amp that doesn't have any effects pedals built in.