Auto Chord: Needs HUGE Improvements?

  • Currently I find this feature is at best marginally useful as a ‘hint’ at what some of the chords are likely to be, but more often than not is actually a barrier to learning. I get stuck trying to follow the often incorrect chords and making chord changes at the wrong time. Even the measures don’t line up properly. (I’ve found this to be the case even with some of the really basic Smart Jam tracks when transcribed by AutoChord.)

    This is such a promising functionality and I really hope the PG team will put some more effort into tuning their algorithm. This would be an invaluable learning tool if perfected - or at least significantly improved.

    For now I find myself gravitating to Chordify, a competing app that is also not perfect but significantly more accurate than the Spark Auto Chord...

    Please add your support for this request if your experience has been the same.

  • @kbigourdin Yep, chordify is much better at it than pg. I reached out to chordify to see if pg had actually struck a deal with them to use their algorithms as they seemed so similar in functionality. Never got a response (unsurprisingly) but it seems pg don't have the same handle on making it work.
    And yes, I agree that it actually hampers learning for those with little guitar experience as its very inconsistent, and timing is totally wonky. If I was just starting out I think I would be more confused using this than other methods.

  • yes, correct... useless app really.
    already been discussed over 12mths ago of how useless it is.
    Enjoy the amp, or sell it and move on.
    Until the spark 2 comes out fixing any issues in hardware or software, that's all there is for now.

  • I'd like to add my agreement to this... Chordify is loads better. I've had Spark 40 since October and have concluded that it's quite simply Over hyped, Overpriced and Over here !!! I will live in hope that they create a Windows App for it and that the package eventually delivers what it is supposed to. Until then I'm back to my Amp and Pedalboard.