Recordings don’t sound the same as headphones.

  • I e gotten some great tones out of this thing while wearing headphones. But I haven’t had a single usable tone when recording through usb into studio one.

    I also haven’t been able to record with the headphones go be out because it clips the interface at low volumes. This combined with the fact that you can’t select a different output device on pc makes this kinda unusable for recording.

    Anyone who works for spark on these forums able to show me or explain how to get the same tones when recording?

  • @dustin-bogges PG doesn't necessarily monitor nor respond to all these questions. There are a couple of things you can do in the meantime to try to get some help: 1) use the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page and 2) check through the many Spark videos on youtube and see if recording through USB into Studio One has been covered and 3) check Presonus Studio One forums.

  • You need to add a buffered signal. Search it. Easiest way is to plug in a guitar pedal into your audio interface first so it buffers the signal from the guitar. You can buy a buffered audio interface or use the spark40. A guitar is not powered unless you have active pickups so the signal needs a boost. It gets that from the power from ANY pedal but then you got to deal with the pedal effect. If you want just a signal buffer, search online because I dont want to mention name brands here but there are a few. An audio interface like the Spark40 will need ASIO drivers installed, once those are installed you wont need a buffered signal if you use the Spark and set the buffer in your DAW correct.
    If your new to all of this its going to take you a while to figure it out but it works.

  • @comptech302 im well experienced with recording and pedals. Not sure what your referring here though with a “buffered signal” where exactly in the chain are you saying I should put the buffer (pedal)

  • @dustin-bogges if you use another audio interface your going to need a buffered pedal. That eliminates the delay because the line has a carrier voltage. The spark doesnt need it as it is one, just set the buffer to the lowest available to your system. Unlike a vocal mic with power, a guitar needs power or the signal is carried on a weak carrier voltage. active/vs passive pickups anyone? This is the tone issue.

  • @comptech302 for instance

    they will prolly delete this because of the link. hopefully you see it before....

  • Not to insult your intelligence but you must know that your amp sends a small DC line voltage over your guitar cable into your pickups to power them. 7 and 8 string guitars sometimes dont have the power to play on tube amps because of this. Amps were made to output for 6 strings. Adding more resistance takes away tone. Your having the same issue but the signal loss is between your DAW and guitar. Your going through alot of electronics and your expecting instant pick attack and perfect tone. Well if you do actually know about recording I shouldnt have even have to have said this.

  • @comptech302 The same reason a computer uses RAM memory instead of ROM access on a hard drive. It can get the data faster from a RAM memory stack. This is the same thing a signal buffer does.