Headphones with BIAS FX 2

  • Hi everyone, just wondering why my tone gets absolutely destroyed when playing guitar through headphones compared to speakers/monitors?

    Just bought the ATH M50x headphones which sound great when playing music through Spotify. But when I start playing/tracking guitar through BIAS FX 2 it sounds way too bright/harsh with barely any mids. It sounds like I'm playing through a Metal Zone permanently.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Some ideas I can think of are:

    • Redoing all my presets to suit the headphones (surely not?)
    • Headphones might need some time to be "broken in"?

    I also tried using Garageband to see if it was a BIAS problem and Beyerdynamic DT770s - same issue so is this just the way headphones are with guitar?

    Signal chain is: Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Gen > Macbook Pro > Bias FX 2 > Audio Technica ATH M50x