Recommend USB-B to Lightning wire

  • As the title suggests can anyone recommend a suitable wire instead of the cheapo wires I can find on Amazon? I don’t want to find spending money on a cheap one to find I have connectivity issues or the wire craps out after a short time.

    Can anyone suggest somewhere ideally UK based that I can source one from that will last? I’ve looked on apple’s site itself and they don’t seem to do one as a genuine wire.

    Thanks in advance

  • You want connect the Spark 40 to iPad or iPhone via cable? If, then better use the "Apple Lightning Camera Adapter".

  • @herb

    I’ve already got a lightning to hdmi/lightning connect connector to be able to watch what’s on my iPad on my tv. I’m assuming that’s the same thing.

  • @kain-harkins No, the Camera Connection kit is basically a USB-A to Lightning converting cable. No HDMI is part of the process.

  • @dhbailey ok well by the looks of what I’ve seen it’s going to need a usb-b wire to lightning then. I’ve just ordered one off Amazon along with some medical stuff for the other half so it’ll be here Tuesday. Shame the amp won’t be here then though