Connecting USB to a Windows 10 PC won't work

  • I'm having trouble getting Windows to recognize the Spark via USB. I've installed the SPARK ASIO driver V4.8 (twice), and it still won't recognize the connection. In Device Manager it shows up as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed), and within the Positive Grid USB Audio Device Control Panel interface that runs on the PC, it also can't recognize any USB connection.

    I've followed the Spark recommendation to remove the driver, reboot, reinstall, and was careful not to plug the USB cable in until the installer got to the "next" screen as the troubleshooting page recommended, but none of it makes a difference.

    Does anybody have some advice for me to get this to work? My Katana 50 was a plug and play affair, but this sure as hell isn't.


  • FYI, I got it to work. The PC wouldn't recognize the amp if I was plugged into my hub, but it worked when I connected directly to the PC.

  • @jim85iroc Thanks for letting us know what solved your problem!

  • Worth noting that once you've installed the USB drivers and your PC is on, its a USB speaker and not a bluetooth one. So if you were using the USB connection to a PC to stop the humming, you can't use any of the backing music features of the app anymore. I strapped the end of the USB lead on to a radiator instead!