Adding footswitch capability to Spark amplifier

  • Re: Any plans to add footswitch capability to Spark amp ?

    Was going to reply on the thread I referenced above, but since it's almost a year old, thought I would just start a new thread and see what kind of feedback it generates from both PG and Spark users.

    Dear Positive Grid, we realize Spark isn't made to work with the BT4 for example. But oh...if it did...the things we would do. And especially now that I have a work-around for running this tiny titan to FOH, the footswitch option would just open up a whole world of possibilities for live applications. Of course, just thinking about it, has only added to our desperation, with Spark users taking matters into their own hands. For example, Some guys have even gone so far as to mod their Spark amps, hardwiring them for footswitchable operation.

    Barring footswitch compatibility with BT4, (this is my segue into the floor unit subject) I am forever pestering you about. You guys must realize there's a market out there that really, really wants a BiasFX hardware option. But I repeat myself....and it bears repeating until you guys answer....or not. I dunno. But I guess I'll just keep after it until I hear something one way or the other.

    In the meantime, thanks for an incredible little amp and for all the great tools you guys have created for us to use.