Transfer/share Spark presets between devices

  • I have downloaded some tones from the cloud and also created a couple ones at my smartphone, using the Spark app.
    However, sometimes I want to use my tablet as well to control the amp, and these presets are not available by logging in to my account on the tablet.
    It would be convenient to have my presets in multiple devices, either by signing in to my account or by sending them.
    Is there a way to handle this currently?

  • @georgegiannks The only way to handle this currently is to mark the tones you've downloaded on one device as favorites, then on the other device filter the tonecloud to show your favorites and then download them there. There is no automatic way to share the presets you've downloaded between various devices.

  • You can transfer your own presets to other IOS devices as follows:
    Connect the iPad with your presets to the Mac
    Open Finder and click on iPad
    Then click on Files and Spark
    Drag and drop the Preset folder in Spark onto the Mac screen.
    Remove the IPad and connect the iPhone.
    Open Finder and click iPhone
    First click on Files, then Spark
    Drag and drop presets from the screen to the Spark folder.
    Delete the old preset file there
    Remove the iPhone

  • @de_cunny Thanx for the answer, however I use android devices