Spark 40 USB DAW latency and sound

  • Recording using USB with SPARK is a nightmare.
    With Spark alone, too much latency and tone is all but great. Not at all what I hear using speakers/headphones.
    With pedals in front of Spark (Spark loves pedals) through USB, it’s garbage.

    So, I have to connect headphone output in my Berhinger Xenyx1822USB, mixer acting as gateway between Spark and DAW.

    My 10 years old PODHD500 with outdated driver sounds great using USB (stereo by the way).

    Positive Grid : you must work on USB driver asap.
    You’re software shop, it’s should not be a big challenge for you.

    MAC OS Catalina
    Logic PRO 10.

  • I totally agree on that.
    I recently purchased the Spark, and when I tried to record via USB the latency was unbearable.
    I also agree, that my older POD HD has way greater response, recording via USB.
    I tired using the ASIO4ALL drivers as well, but with no luck.
    One of the reasons I bought Spark was to directly record via USB :/
    Is there any workaround on this?

  • All I could suggest is set you buffers to 256 and make sure u are at 48 sample rate. Works fine for me with reaper and Studio One.