Volume issue when switching channels

  • When I'm using my amp without the app and I just want to manually select the channels on the amp, my volume goes up significantly when I switch to the next channel, regardless of where my volume and output knob are. I actually have to turn the volume all the way down and slowly raise it back up every time.

    I keep my volume fairly low as I'm in an apartment, but after I get the level that I want, if I change channels, it goes up several notches and I have to readjust again.

  • https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/360072671672/Spark_Amp_User_Manual_0.6.pdf

    Page 4, item “C”. Each preset on the amp is based on how that preset was set up (and its volumes and other settings are based on the “knob settings” from the app, the Spark amps knobs don’t/can’t adjust to the app settings). In selecting the preset from the Spark that is too loud for you, use the master knob on the amp to dial down the volume of that preset. When you do this, you will note the LED for that preset begins to blink, showing you that you are modifying the preset. Once you are happy with the volume, a long press on the amps preset button will save your changes to the Spark amp. Do this with all your presets to adjust the volume between each of them. Once this is all dialed in on the presets, then you simply use the Output knob on the Spark amp to adjust the overall volume on the amp.

    Bottom line is the reason you constantly have to readjust every time is that you aren’t saving your changes to the amp, so it is always defaulting to the original presets settings.

  • @bschultz8 Thanks for the help! I was thinking that this might be the issue. My original thought was that the amp controls would override the default software settings, but I'm finding out that it's the opposite. I did adjust the settings in the app later (along with the volume) and saved it to the first preset, but when I went to it this morning, it was still quite a bit louder. I'm going to follow your instructions from scratch and hope for the best.

    I'm guessing there's no way to adjust the volume default globally without adding a preset?

  • Ok, so the update on this is that I got the app to work on my tablet. I uninstalled, reinstalled it and after a couple of tries, I got it to work, finally. The volume issue was less an issue than a quirk, I guess, so I've decided to keep the amp for now. The humming thing didn't really show up again, so it must have been something else that was the cause when I was playing yesterday.