Thanks for building this amp!

  • I just wanted to sign in and say I am really impressed with the quality of this little amp! I am sold on your products after owning BIAS Amp 2 also! I plan on getting the mobile software once, and hopefully, it is released for windows. As I use a surface tablet for portability.
    I have played guitar and bass for almost 25 years now and I havent ever found a solution that packs such power and quality in a small package. I use this thing for my amp and a soundbar USB for music and movies and also connect to bluetooth for my phone and music! LOVE IT!
    Year ago you could not find an amp that did a little of everything really well. I just found it! You cant beat the plug-ins and the sound for this price!
    Keep up the good work PG! I will keep coming back to see if your mobile products support windows AND android!

  • I do the same. Mine is in my living room not the studio and I have the app backing tracks through my sound bar and it's a blast.
    I had a 13 year old grandkid who is showing some real talent in for the holidays and we had a couple of afternoons together. So I had him trough my Blues Jr./Cannabis Rex. It was great using the Spark app to bring up all sorts of backing tracks and us jamming and trading licks and me giving him new things to try. So I'm going to move the BJ back later but thought that man the Spark really sounded good against the BJ. So I did so A/Bing between them using different settings and the Spark actually sound better, and I mean REALLY better at these volumes for sure I didn't turn them way up. The BJ boxy more midrangy. It's a 12" and had less bottom. Now I could get the Spark more like the BJ no doubt, but not the other way around. If I is was going to be out in a club turned up yeah I'd take the BJ, have gigged it before. But for around the house it's definitely the Spark.