Problème with gain and master

  • Hi
    I used the amp for the first time today and I have a big problem with it.
    when I turn the gain knob, the sound bugge. If I increase it a little, the sound makes a noise and goes out. after when I want to lower it I no longer have any sound (just the sound of the guitar without an amp). whereas if I move the knob from clean to glassy then to clean, I have sound again.
    it's very weird, it does the same to me with master.
    It’s not easy to explain
    where do you think it might come from? Must i request to PG to change spark
    thank you

  • May be different than above, but I have a problem with gain. Very nonlinear, so if I roll i back, suddenly zero gain, then passing through the same point increasing it, the sound is never the same. This might imitate a tube behavior with thresholds of voltage and temperature or whatever, but that is not what we are trying to model here.

  • I too have a problem with the gain control as described above, almost exactly. I contacted the big brains at Positive Grid with no reply as of yet. I am about to send it back as a possible fault.

  • All the above are not normal and point to issue with hardware. You need a ticket with PG service.

  • @jwp12 If I understand what you're saying, you download a tone from the tonecloud or are using one that's stored on your device. Once that's in place, you play some notes/chords on the guitar and then turn the gain knob down and the sound cuts out (like it should if you turn the gain knob to zero) but when you then turn it back up to where it was before the sound isn't the same. That's because when you start with a tone the gain setting in the software tone overrides the current physical setting of the gain knob. Once you turn the gain knob it instantly takes control over the amp and the software, so when you turn it down to zero and turn it back up to where it was when you started with the tone, it is the setting of the knob that is registering, not the setting in the software. So if the gain was high in the software when you began the process, you will need to turn the gain knob back up very high, not just to where it was when you originally started using the tone.

    So if your gain knob is physical set at 9 o'clock (only 1/4 of the way up from zero) and you begin working with a tone where the onscreen gain knob is set at 3 o'clock (3/4 of the way up from zero) and then turn the physical gain knob on the amp, as soon as you start to turn the physical knob it takes control of the gain setting and your gain will immediately drop significantly from 3/4 to only 1/4 and when you turn it down to zero (or close) you'll get no sound (or very little). If you then turn the physical gain knob back up to where it was (9 o'clock, 1/4 of the way up from zero) the gain in the amp will only be 1/4 of the possible gain. Moving the knob back to 9 o'clock (where it began when you started working with this particular tone) will NOT return the amount of gain to where it was when you started with this tone. And if the gain is that low compared to how it was set in the tone when you started, you won't have the same sound at all coming out of the amp because the amp model and the effects were all set based on the higher level of gain. To get the sound back to where it was when you started with the tone, you have to move the physical knob back up to whatever the app's virtual gain knob was at in the original tone (in my example that would be 3 o'clock or 3/4 of the way up to full).

    That is proper behavior for how this amp and software combination is supposed to work.