Where are Bias amps stored on my hard drive?

  • Hi. I imported a load of amps from bias 1 but now decided I want to factory reset bias FX2 Where are the custom presets stored on the hard drive? Have to say Bias amp 2 is a mess. Takes ages to load and the drop down menus don't work half the time.

  • The interface definitely needs work. Seems like too much time was spent on making it look 'like an amp' and not enough on making it 'work like software should'
    Getting great sounds out of it so far, but I hope PG adds more software features later. I definitely want import/export of presets to bare files for example, i shouldn't have to upload / download presets using the public cloud to transfer them between workstations - and it's bad for them if I do, since the cloud will end up full of 'marshall preset test 6932' presets, for example, that aren't actually very good.