Bluetooth problems

  • Hi there, I have had my Spark amp for about 2 weeks. Never got it running until today. The bluetooth was just killing me. It wouldn't identify or interrogate. I tried the usual links, forums, you-tubes. Everyone complaining about the hum. Only clues for Bluetooth problems. The recommended wireless accessory for instruments and/or hooking up the provided USB cable to your computer seems to provide adequate grounding to stop the hum. For Bluetooth, It was less clear. I read turn off other bluetooth devices but that didn't do it all by itself. I upgraded my phone. Fully charged it. Still no bluetooth. I was almost resigned to using the speaker on the phone when I discovered an app called Bluetooth Inspector. I ran it and discovered 27 Bluetooth devices. It would nearly impossible to shut them all off, and I don't believe Spark 40 has a very smart computer inside. I charged the phone as much as I could, put it right beside the amp, followed the regular instructions and my Iphone finally discovered the amp. I have been having a blast ever since. I believe you require a fairly new phone. It's just beating yourself up using an older one. Here is a pretty good link to other fixes,
    Can't wait to get in depth. :)