Connect a Mic to the Spark

  • I'm a newbie at this. Love the Spark Amp, it's the first amp I've ever owned. My question - Is it possible to connect a mic to the Spark to use for singing while I am playing? I have a mic that I connected to the amp via the USB cord but that does not seem to work. I just want to make sure I am not doing something wrong. I had to get adapters to connect it, but it's a no go right now. If it is possible, what is the procedure? Or must I buy a separate vocal amp?

    Thank You! Love this amp.

  • @cadiehl There is only one input into the main part of the amp, so you can attach either a guitar or a mic, but not both. However, if you use a small mixer and run your guitar and mic into the mixer you can then get the sound of both from the amp. But with only one channel running through the amp, whatever input goes into the Spark will be run through whatever effects and amp model you have enabled, so your vocal will be as distorted or as pure as your guitar sound, depending on how you have the effects and amp model set. To do what you are asking about you need a two-channel amp (at least) or a separate amp for the vocals. What you could get would be a powered speaker like the JBL Eon One rechargeable speaker, which has 4 input channels. You could run the audio output (headphone jack) from the Spark into one of the input channels on the JBL and run your mic into another channel on the JBL and then be all set to perform. The only downside is that the JBL Eon One costs around $500. If you don't need rechargeable (i.e. you'll always perform near an electrical outlet) there are less expensive amp options you could choose -- check out to see what they have to offer.

  • Thank you so much. Very thorough and informative. Appreciate it!!!!