Where are the 10,000+ tones in the Spark App?

  • The Positive Grid Spark website advertises 10,000+ tones, "a massive, ever-growing tone library. The Spark app provides over 10,000 killer guitar and bass amp -and-FX presets from famous guitarists, professional session players, expert studio engineers and hit-making producers from around the world."

    But, on the Spark App, I can only browse through around 100 presets (electric+bass+acoustic).

    Where is the rest?

  • PG is referring to ToneCloud for the 10,000+ tones...

  • In the meanwhile there are nearly 15000 Presets. To update Amp and App must fix this.

  • Thank you for your replies, but I don’t understand.

    Is there a specific procedure to access these presets?

    I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong somehow or if the spark website is just plain false advertising.

  • @nrgumen
    yes, at the top right of the app there is a small icon with the cloud symbol with inside a knob, from there you can access the tonecloud and then all those presets you say

  • Yes, but when I « click » ont this button, there are only 20 presets for each category: All/Favorite/Pop/Blues...

    If I understand well, it’s not possible to browse the presets beyond those 20 presets except if you type something in the dialogue box.

    If so, it’s really not practical to have to try several keywords to access the database.

  • some time ago there were problems in an ios app version
    do you have the latest version?

  • @samueleonline And you do need to have your phone or tablet connected to the internet to access the tonecloud.

  • There should also be a search bar at the top of your screen that says "Search in ToneCloud".

    You can enter a guitarist or band name or any other words you like, such as "distortion", "twang", "clean", etc.

  • Agreed. I find the search by title and tag within the cloud is virtually pointless as it returns Not Found all the time. I managed to get hold of someone on livechat who told me they could see plenty under the tag I gave them but other than telling me to reinstall the app I got nowhere.