Anyway to copy Spark "Dark Soul" patch into BiasFX Elite

  • I am trying to figure out a way to copy the "Dark Soul" patch from the Spark app into BiasFX Elite. I use BiasFX for recording in Studio One with a PreSonus interface. I can record using the patch if I set up the Spark as the IO interface. The sound is great but messes up recording workflow. This seems like it should be something easy to do.

  • @mike-masino Load the patch into the Spark app and take careful note of the effects that are enabled as well as the basic amp model and also pay attention to the settings of each knob and switch on each effect and the amp and then find the same or similar things in BiasFX and make the settings match. You can take a screen shot of your device showing the various settings for each device that's active in the chain. But there's no simpler way because there is no way to get data from the Spark40 app into BiasFX or vice-versa.

  • Yeah there is no way to import it yet as the 2 programs use different operating systems. Hopefully PG will make them span multiple OS's and devices soon! They would do good to do so as I am waiting to use my Spark40 with BIAS Amp and FX.

    The only way would be to do what the person above suggests; copy the settings and re-do them in FX.