Bias amp2 gui bug with windows hi dpi

  • bias 2 look like this , with 125 percent dpi scaling in windows 7 x64
    standalone and plugin ....
    completely unusable ....( cannot close editor - for example )


    any suggestions ?

    p.s turn off hi dpi - bad idea , my eyes burn )..

  • for VST, your DAW's DPI settings might be able to fix it a bit, or you may try detaching it if your DAW offers that as an option.

    for Standalone, go into the exe's properties (i.e. by rightclicking the shortcut -> Properties) and go to the Compatibility tab and try the different scaling options.

  • Ash Wolford i tryed compatiblity options in exe properties - nothing happens ..
    My daw DPI settings also 125 ) ... 2k monitor ^)

  • Tryed to set daw in 100 percent dpi ) - not helped
    same picture with vst -

  • dunno then. I'm in Win10 and use the new 'System (enhanced)' scaling option which handles it nicely but that option isn't available in win7...

    But yeah. Come on PG. This is shiny new version 2, developed and released in an era where high-resolution displays are pretty ubiquitous, and people have been complaining about BIAS' poor support for high-DPI displays for a while already. This kind of thing simply should not be an issue anymore.

  • No answer from developers ? ((

  • I am also having this problem. Using the System (Enhanced) setting doesn't seem to work. Switching it to "System" causes the window sizing to be correct, but necessitates the whole application to be blurry.

    I'm using Windows 10 Pro Creator Update
    Lenovo T540p Laptop
    Reaper 5.78
    Bias Amp 2

  • it's 100% a bug. Bias AMP doesn't scale with your scale settings. It does it for VST mode as well as standalone. They need to fix it. There's nothing you can do unfortunately.

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    @bankin-artem @crow @Ash-Wolford @jason-ringer

    The fix will be included in the next Amp 2 update, We have an BIAS Amp 2 hotfix version here, Please PM me, thank you!