Spark amp completely silent

  • Recently got a spark amp. I’ve tried factory resets, checking my lead works and is plugged in correctly, the spark amp is definitely turned on and also connected to the app on my phone but the amp is still dead silent. Tried using it as a Bluetooth speaker and it says music is playing from my phone but nothing out of the amp. Also yes I have made sure to turn up master volume and output, also nothing comes out headphones when I connect it to the amp either. The only noise it makes is the usual buzz when I put the lead near or in my guitar. Is there anything I’m missing?

  • @aaromcin Is the gain turned up? Is the volume knob for the "music volume" turned up when you try to use it as bluetooth speaker? Is the volume turned up on your device while trying to use the Spark as a bluetooth speaker?

    Are all three settings that control volume (gain, master volume, output) for the guitar turned up on whatever amp is active when your device is connected to the app?

    If you can hear the buzz from putting the lead near or in your guitar, then some sound is making it through the process to the speakers.

    Have you tried having your phone "forget" the connections to the amp and simply plugged the amp in, plugged your guitar into the amp and turned the amp on and used any/all of the built-in presets?

    I'm very sorry to hear your problem -- I hope it's an easy one to sort out!

  • @dhbailey Well I left it for a while and just came back to try again. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong earlier but now it seems to be working fine. Thanks for your response though

  • @aaromcin Maybe call the gremlin exterminator, sometimes they hit my house too ;-)

  • I’m guessing Garden Gnomes......those pesky little buggers are responsible for more than we give them credit for........never trust the ones with red hats