No compatibility with bias amp 2 ??

  • The main reason I bought the spark was so I could load the amps I created with bias amp 2 into a physical amp. It uses the tonecloud so I (wrongly) assumed that it was possible.

    I have amp 2, fx 2, and pedal. They all work flawlessly together. I’m deeply disappointed that I can’t use my own sounds. Are there any plans to add this option on the future ? It seems like this should be an easy thing to accomplish.

  • You can actually use it with the spark, just use the spark just as an interface, here a link on how to do it (It says with Bias FX but you can use it in that way with whatever plugin you want)

    And the main thing of because the spark can't use that Bias Amp, Bias FX and Bias Pedal by default is simply because the amp isn't powerful enogh to process them, so thats why the spark software is just a simplified version of them and doesn't actually just take those softwares to the amp by default, so unless they come with a new version of the spark more powerful they won't add that, so the only way would be that one I told you

  • @alexcarvalhomyself yeah I tried using it as an interface. It works fine. I guess it makes a sense that it’s not powerful enough. It’s just a shame. I have a few personal amps that I’ve painstakingly profiled that I would love to easily use live without a computer. Thanks for the answers !