Whammy pedal in BiasFx2 and ProTools 12.4 (2020) automation

  • There’s a bug using the Whammy pedal in BiasFx2 and ProTools 12.4 (2020) automation, in either way, when I try creating a MIDI Track and sending MIDI information to the channel or creating an Automation directly in the track the same results

    • When the REC button is on, the FX automation seems to work properly
    • When the REC button is off the FX automation doesn’t react in time, and further when I try to bounce the audio the same problem with the FX
    • This problems seems to NOT to be the case when I use the WhaWha pedal for example
      Also, here’s a problem in the Whammy MODE selector, when selecting the presents (1 octave, 2 octaves, Shift or Harmony) the selection does not correspond with the actual FX, this is very frustrating

    I raised this matter to the consumer department in April of this year, I still have not had a response, does anyone else have the same problem?

    1_1608500518903_Bias FX - pro tools1.jpg 0_1608500518903_Bias Fx _ Pro tools2.png