BIAS FX-2 V2.2.2.5090.release NOT WORKING in Windows 10

  • I have Bias FX 2 installed on 2 computers, a desktop and a laptop. Both computers are Windows 10 and both had a Windows Update this week. Yesterday I upgraded Bias FX2 V2.2.2.5090.release to the laptop. Bias FX did not work. So I upgraded the Desktop. Bias does not work.

    Both computers are 64 bit. On the desktop Bias FX 2 64 bit is installed. On the laptop, Bias FX 2 32 bit is installed.

    If I hit the direct monitor button on the interface, I can hear the un-amplified guitar in my headphones.

    Also I have tried 2 different guitar cables, and 2 different usb cables. The USB is connected directly to the back of the computer.

    On my desktop, when I look at the Bias FX 2 program on my screen and strum the guitar, there is nothing happening on the input and output bars on the bottom of the BIas FX window

    On my laptop, the input bar lights up green, into yellow like it should. The output bars show the levels that they should, but are grey and not green/yellow as they should be, and then no sound goes to the headphones. I use 256 in audio buffer size. This 512 was a test.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can't wait to get playing again!
    alt text

  • @digitalman2017 I have the same issues as you. I've raised a ticket already

  • I'm on Win 10 20H2 version. No audio issues here with standalone, vst, or vst3.
    You must have some routing issues with your interface into BIAS FX2.
    On the laptop, is the little red Mute button engaged? If that's on, you will see grey/black meter output levels but no sound will come out because it's muted.

  • Shot in the dark here and hope I don't just cause more confusion.

    More than once I've experienced win 10 "upgrades" that have turned my soundcard connection into trash.
    Though since you have this problem on two computers, makes this less likely, but...
    Try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling your specific audio drivers and then make sure the routing matrix is set up properly. Don't check "repair" if this is an option. Completely uninstall and reinstall drivers, software.

    Other options are a rollback of windows to the previous version.

    Rollback of Bias FX to a previous version. The last stable version of Bias FX 2 for me on multiple systems was build 4980. The devs are aware of some fixes going forward from build 5050 and are working on remedies.

    Good luck with this.


  • @david-4
    Thank you, hopefully a resolution will come soon!

  • @myxolydian
    Thank you, The mute button is not engaged on the laptop.

  • @brahma
    Thank you John.
    I am so tired of problem solving tech issues this week. I'm not a techie. I had issues when I first purchased in 2019. (Actually the same issue), and the PG folks did a remote log in to get everything set up, It's been all good since then.

    After a lot of work issues this week, I went to my guitar for relief.......I knew it needed adjustment to the setup- again, not my forte. Found that the previous owner busted a string adjustment height screw on the tremelo. Fortunately the height is decent, and I can get a replacement part in a few weeks. But needed to set the tremelo up, adjust tension, do the intonation and all that. Worked thru it all and very happy with the setup.

    So today I was really just hoping to play the guitar.

    Maybe tomorrow I will try some of your suggestions, thanks!

  • For what it's worth, I did a complete uninstall of Bias FX 2 and the Focusrite driver. Re-installed the Focusrite driver, then Bias and it's still not working :(

  • David,

    Your musical life not working, then my life not working either.

    I'm on win 10 1909 version, probably the latest builds and a Focusrite card. Everything working great using Bias FX 2 Pro build 4980 to get around some bugs introduced from 5050 on.
    There got to be some good geeks around here that can find the problem and give a solution.

    Wondering what build of Bias FX you are using and if the problem affects both vst and standalone. What build of win 10. Did everything work until a system upgrade or some other major change. What DAW are you using and if multiple DAW's and the standalone okay, is the crash across all platforms..

    Should be able to get you up and running with a few more details. Bias FX otherwise seems quite solid as far as being able to launch.


  • @brahma HI John, I'm on the latest Win 10 build and Bias 2..2.2.5090 same as you. The problem only started after the Bias upgrade and it affects the desktop version and VST in FL Studio.

    PG has answered my ticket so hopefully, there might be a resolution soon

  • Hey Brother,

    I have full faith that the devs are going to take care of us. Rollback to a pre 5090 version seems reasonable while multiple fixes are being looked at. Like said, running a rollback to 4980. Misses some of the optimizations, but for now works rock solid.

    Off topic a bit, but playing with the new Amplitube 5. Buggy as crap, but the guys fixing things. What is good and cool is way subjective, but went thru my insane collection of amp stuff. Clarity and realism, touch response of Bias FX 2 and integration with Bias Amp 2 is about as good as the industry can deliver at this point in time. So IMHO, fixes are worth waiting for.


  • @brahma , Good news – it’ working for me now. I think this was a Win 10 issue, not Bias related