Backing track cuts off when tone is changed

  • Up until the last couple of updates on the app (iOS), I've been able to set a backing track playing and then jam along, changing the tone between rhythm and lead tones to fit the backing track. After the last but one app update I can't do this. As soon as I change screens to the tones list the backing track stops playing. The track will continue to play if I stay in the tone set up - it's only when I switch screens to the tone lists that the problem occurs.
    I was hoping the last app update would restore this but it hasn't. Bit of a bummer really as that was the main use of the spark app and amp for me. I've been using the spark amp/app since about March this year (super early bird adopter).
    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Has anyone else had this experience?
    Could someone with the latest iOS version of the app see if they can change tones while a backing track is running.
    Thanks for your help, this really cuts back on my enjoyment of my spark amp. I've been playing along to backing tracks and changing between tones for months now, up until the last two "upgrades" of the app.