Unable to use tone control on amp without app connected

  • Hi All,

    I only just received this amp yesterday, love the jamming and also backing tracks features etc...


    Because you know I'm all about that bass
    'Bout that bass, no treble
    I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble

    There is just too much bass, no treble! Now here is what I found and would love this to be resolved.

    1. If I connect the guitar to the guitar jack on the amp, then start the amp up. There is too much bass, no treble.
    2. I then try and adjust the tone levels using the knobs on the amp, there is no effect, they seem to be disabled, there is no change at all in the tone. Though I am able to adjust the reverb, delay, modulation and output volume controls, but still not the tone controls.
    3. If I connect the app from my iPad, I then try again to adjust the tone using the knobs on the amp, still no change.
    4. If I then use the app and adjust the tone on the iPad app, the tone now changes, I can get more treble and lower the bass to something that sounds a bit more reasonable.
    5. Now after connecting the amp and adjusting the tone on in the app, the tone knobs on the amp are then enabled, they now work! I can also see the position they are in inside of the app and as I adjust turning the knob on the amp they are also adjusting the amp image of the tone knobs in the app.

    This is obviously a bug!

    Can this be fixed please, I see there has been an ongoing bass thread in this forum for some months now, I read through many of the posts but do not see anyone mention these steps to reproduce the problem.

    I don't want to always be connecting the iPad to the amp to adjust the tone.

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to your response.


  • For reference, refer to this youtube link


  • Once I find a sound that I'm satisfied with, (by following the steps listed in my original post) I hold down one of the presets, this saves the tone to the presets of my choice.

    The next time I switch on the amp the preset is saved.

    However, the tone knobs are still disabled until I connect the app with the amp and slide the tone control in the app on the virtual amp.