Lost order number!

  • I can't use the Spark App because to use it you need to put in your order number that was on the confirmation email back when I ordered the Spark 40. That was a long time ago and that email is gone. How can I find out what my order number was? Customer service isn't replying to me.

  • @dvstacy
    the Spark app, on android or ios, works without any order number.
    in fact you could open it even without amp, strange that he asks you for the number

  • @samueleonline The Spark app will open without an order number but you can't try out any of the JamTracks or see what happens with smartjam. With the order number you can access all of the app. Have you tried logging into your account at PG's website? Perhaps you can find your order number there . . .

  • I don't know what to tell you, I have never entered any order number to use any part of the app.
    Only to share or download the tones I access the cloud with the account created on PG with the registration email, nothing else.
    The order number, if anything, is used to initiate the warranty and I believe you can only get it with a support request (it is also reported in each order status update email they send you).

  • @samueleonline Once you have the amp and have linked it with your device you don't need any order number. He's just looking to experiment with the app BEFORE the amp arrives. I did the same thing and needed to enter my order number so that the app knew I was a customer and therefore allowed me to experiment with the smartjam (the sound obviously only came out of my device's speaker since I didn't have an amp connected).

  • @dvstacy Thanks. Everything working now!