Bias document folders help

  • Hey, First post here.

    I was wondering if someone could help me. when bias Amp, Pedal, or FX is launched it creates a folder in my documents folder (on mac.) named with the plugin. i.e.

    BIAS_FX or BIAS_Pedal

    For the sake of keeping things neat, I would like to move the folders into a new folder in my documents folder labeled Positive Grid and keep everything contained within there, rather than just loosely in my documents folder.

    When I move the folders (BIAS_FX and so on), to the new positive grid folder, it creates a new folder back in my documents every time I use the plugin again.

    Is this possible to move and have the plugins reference the folder within the folder, rather than referencing a folder straight in my documents?

    I hope this makes sense and someone can help.

  • BIAS Amp 2 does use a single PositiveGrid folder with the individual app folder inside it, so it looks like they're already on it. Doesn't really help for FX/Amp1/Pedal though.

  • That's only the system files. The app folder can be anywhere, which I put in D : \my documents...etc. (Note the spaces are to disable the native emoticon nonsense of the forum.) I have my drive partitioned of course, though many people these days have dual drives, the second for data, and where I would put the app folder.

  • @ash-wolford What I noticed was that the Digital, Passive and Tube EQs are contained within the positive grid folder within my documents folder. And thats where I wanted to move it. To keep everything Positive Grid, in one place.

  • @tannhauser okay, thats great, but is there a way to move the system files and keep them in a specific location? other than just loosely in the my documents folder?

  • @jarrod-cooper13 Worst case scenario you can create an Automator job to do this. Just google "moving files with automator" or something like that. You should be able to find ways to automate this task.

  • @jarrod.cooper13

    Ok if your unable to move the bias folder, you can at least HIDE it from sight in Mac OS and you can make it visible again at will with a touch of a few keys on the keyboard like an on and off switch.

    I'm using Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3 but it should work in the first Sierra and El here's what to do (in theory Bias should still see this folder regardless of being hidden by the user)

    1: Open your documents folder so that the bias folder you want hidden is in sight (needs to be visible because your going to mouse drag this bias folder in the next steps)

    2: Open the "Terminal" app in your utility folder.

    3: Now in terminal type: "chflags hidden" with a space between those words and then press the Space Bar once. (Don't type the quotation marks and make sure there is a space after the word hidden)

    4: Now click on the folder you want hidden in the documents window and drag that folder to the terminal window and let off the mouse button. You should now see the folder path appear in terminal. Once you see the path appear, press ENTER. You should now see that folder in your documents disappear! (please make sure that after you drag the file, that the terminal window is selected again by clicking the top border of the terminal window before hitting enter or nothing will least until the terminal window is the active window on your screen)

    5: Now if you wish for that folder to be seen temporarily for user access, use this following 3 key command to toggle show/hide for all hidden folders on your computer. (Shift+Command+.) Make sure to include the period key (.) in that command

    To reverse this process of hiding that folder, do the exact steps above but this time in step 3 type:
    "chflags nohidden" (without quotation marks of course)

  • That is a Win7-onward standard, that apps in general utilise. Anything that installs, versus just creating a directory, has done similar since at least XP.