Sudden silence while playing?

  • Twice when I've been practicing with the Spark I'll switch presets on the app and it goes silent. If I turn it off and then on again it works perfectly.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

  • @rb-0 I think that's because of the new update because more people are having that problem just after the new update, hopefully they'll fix it soon

  • Yes! I was wondering what the deal was. It also happens to me when I turn my guitar volume up or down. I'm sorta loosing my patience with it, and getting ready to return it.

  • Yes, I have the same issue !

    On both my S6 Lite Tablet and S9 Phone , when a switch several preset in a row, my Spark 'hang' : no sound, no reaction when I press the hardware preset buttons, even the 'blinking light' cease to blink (they remain fixed) ...

    I already contacted support for this, but after having:

    • 'Forget' bluetooth connections on my android devices
    • Reset the Spark
    • Uninstalled / Clean cache / fresh Reinstall of latest android app version (the one with landscape orientation on tablet)
    • Reconnect bluetooth

    The issue is still there...

    It always happens when i switch from one preset to another, from ToneCloud or 'local' app preset... It happens at least once in each of my practice session (+-1h) , yesterday it happended twice ... :/