Bias FX 2 Presets changing/default to Pop/American Dream on older tracks!?

  • Apologize if this was covered elsewhere, but I did a quick scan and couldn't find any posts.

    I've been using Bias FX 2 now for over a year, and liking it (using through Presonus Studio One Pro DAW).

    I've notice when I got back into some older song ideas/guitar tracks, the presets I used on those tracks, via Bias FX 2 presets, are totally gone, or rather changed to "Pop > American Dream" by default, even though I didn't touch them?! This is happening on a LOT of old tracks/songs/guitar tracks....and I've lost what preset I used. Frustrating.

    I assume this might have been due to a Bias FX 2 update at some point?? Just curious what might be happening, if others experienced this, and is there a fix of any sort to make those tracks use the correct presets initially chosen?


  • I've never seen this - but now recording in Reaper I get into the habit of rendering the vst track to a WAV file just in case I uninstall or change BIAS.