BIAS FX1 - IPad PRO - IOS 14.3 compatibility

  • Hi, i am a BIASFX 1 user on IPad PRO, i want to know if the app is ready for the IOS 14.3 update published by Apple these days.
    Last iOS updates make the app crash and i had to wait month for PG to update the app.
    I am waiting fir a feedback on this to update the ipad. thank you !

  • I'm running iPadOS 14.3 on my iPad 7th Gen and BIAS FX Mobile version starts fine.

    BIAS FX 2 Mobile version also starts fine.

    Note: I've only started them, I haven't used them much with iPadOS 14.3 yet.

  • I think that when a customer asks you whether to update or not his device OS because he is almost certain or fearing of crashes you, as product factory, reached the very lowest bottom in terms of customers trust...

  • My Bias FX was not working with iOS 14 - it would start and then crash right away.
    I went into Settings > General > iPad Storage
    Then I scrolled down to find Bias Fx.
    I selected “Offload App”
    After that completed I selected “Reinstall App” and everything was fine
    IOS: 14.2
    Bias FX: 1.9.14