DAW Input Levels

  • Hi,

    So far, I am loving my amp, but the issue I am having is setting the input level to a DAW, in this case Cakewalk. There is no way to change it in the Cakewalk, nor indeed any way to adjust it in Windows. The way I can find is with the "Master" control on the Amp, but this changes the tone, and as soon as I change a different tone setting, the volume is reset.

    Any ideas ?

  • @douglas-brett1965 The PG asio driver sux and does not work correctly with cakewalk. In reaper and other daws so far you have to change input level with the amp master. BUT seems to work fine with Studio one, as I can turn the amp master clear to zero and still get sound and control volume per track with the DAW. Win 10

  • @nwfungi I believe some people have had better luck using ASIO4ALL instead of the PG-provided Spark ASIO driver.