Mac or PC software?

  • How about a Windows or Mac program for spark? I do not have tablet and my phone is too small to see well. I'm sure this would be very helpful for many users with home studios also!

  • @lairdf Since we can never know when or if anybody from PG monitors this forum, the best way to ask for something is to use the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. Many others have asked for a PC/Mac app, but it never hurts to add your voice to those who have asked for it. The more people who ask for something the more likely the development team is to try to do it, if it's at all possible.

  • @lairdf Another option is to use the “What’s the big idea” thread directly below “Spark” in the main menu. According to customer service, this is the most direct method to share your ideas with the decision makers........good luck

  • I'm probably missing something as I can't understand why anyone would want to control spark via a laptop. For a very minimal outlay you can grab an audio interface and run plugins on a laptop, even a modest performing one these days. In fact you can use the spark itself as an audio interface, though my personal thoughts are its not that great in this department.
    Another cable from the interface back to sparks aux input and you're leveraging the power of your laptop using spark as a dumb cab.

    There are so many free offerings (DAWs, amps, pedals, cabs and IR's) from various developers that sound better than sparks offerings. True, there's a bit of a learning curve and even more chance to fall down the tone chasing rabbit hole but imo its well worth the effort.

    If I'm in reach of my laptop I choose that almost every time over the sparks modelling.