BiasFX, BiasFX 2 Compatibility iRig Stomp I/O

  • Since it is abundantly clear that PG isn't going to develop a modeler/multiFX floor unit (I have begged them too many times to count over the last 3 years), I have been looking for an all-in-one solution that would get me there....mostly. I found that IKMultimedia makes just such a unit that works with mobile devices. It's called iRig Stomp I/O. It looks promising and I would like to know if the unit is compatible with Bias FX and Bias FX 2 when it gets ported over. I would like to hear from PG on this. I would also like to hear from other forum members if they have any experience with this hardware. Thank you.

  • Hi, I tried out Bias FX and the iRig Stomp I/O about three years ago when the iRig Stomp first came out. The most impressive thing about the iRig Stomp was all of the built in inputs and outputs. I found that the Amplitube software worked fine right out of the box.

    With Bias FX though, you have to go through the process of having Bias FX “learn” all of the MIDI commands being sent from the iRig Stomp. Just like with any other MIDI controller.

    I did get all of this working, but ran into a different problem. Occasionally, the iRig Stomp would just hang and stop working. The only solution was to do a power reset, and I believe also stop and start Bias FX on my iPad.

    Was it hardware, was it software? Who knows. IK Multimedia did send me a replacement power supply, then a replacement iRig Stomp, but no luck. I ended up returning the iRig Stomp.

    Now it’s three years later though, maybe someone is having better success now.

  • @redroc-k Thank you so much for your reply. Very helpful info. I will factor that into my calculations. Hopefully, others will chime in as well and share their experience with the unit. Cheers!