Midi Save Preferences

  • Hey all,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have different MIDI functions per-biasfx preset?

    For example midi switch-1 on preset 1 controls reverb toggle on/off. But midi-switch 1 on preset 2 controls chorus toggle on/off. I know this is a feature in many other amp sims... But seems like it's global in biasfx :(

    Secondly, does anyone know if it's possible to save midi for anything that's not a toggle? For example the Wah I can globally save the midi toggle on/off, but I can't save the wah midi globally for the actual wah function... (seems silly) which means every time I load it or change preset, I need to re-learn the wah midi.


  • It works per preset,

  • But there are not much global assignments. As for Wah...
    What you descrive in the wah assigment is precisely a preset assigment. If you save the preset after make the assigment it will remain there.

  • I saw in forums several people complaining
    Global Midi functions are very limited
    ( Sad reality )

    -The suggestion is for Mike and the developers
    Allow Bias fx to control all functions
    the Global Midi option.

    -Who never saw this, take the test
    and see for yourself
    Not everything is possible to assign in global midi settings