Spark music noise over bluetooth

  • Hello,
    Just got my Spark and I'm hearing a dull crackling noise when I play any music over Bluetooth.
    Sounds like it was trying to find an AM radio station.
    This doesn't happen when playing music via aux cable or when playing guitar through it.
    It happens with Spark app, Spotify or any other app but always via bluetooth.
    I did firmware updates, factory reset, tried the same thing with other devices... no change: there's always that crackling noise via bluetooth.

    Here it is a video I made:
    I play music via bluetooth and you can hear the noise.
    Then I connect the aux 3.5'' jack cable, sound perfect without any noise.
    Then I disconnect the cable and playback switch again in bluetooth with the noise.

    Have you noticed anything similar with your unit?

    Anyway I sent an email and video to the Positive Grid support.
    I'll let you know.

  • @pippozzo Have you tried the process in a different room in your house? There may be something in the room you've used the Spark in which is causing interference with the bluetooth signal.

  • @dhbailey I tried in different rooms, even a different house. Same result.
    Anyway PositiveGrid support team replied to my ticket. They will send me a replacement unit once they receive the current amp back.
    I hope I don't have to wait another month to get the new Amp..
    Thank you

  • Try to play music from another device with bluetooth. If the problem still is the same then your Spark is defective.

  • @de_cunny hi, I tried with other devices with the same result.
    Anyway PG support will send me a replacement too bad after they get the current defective amp back.