Bias FX 2 mobile is actually a downgrade from bias fx1 ? Where are Inter app and Pedal integration gone?

  • I think certain things bave to be pointed out since I did not see anybody reporting this in this forum yet...

    Bias FX 2 mobile first release was evidence of a not mature product but more important it is still lacking some previous version features:

    1. Inter app
    2. Bias pedal integration

    It is really disappointing.
    Dear PG How t.h. can you ask for all those money and throw out on the market a bugged product and even remove functionalities from previous version??

  • Oh, yes!
    Happy to see that new release 1.3.0 brings back Bias Pedal integration!
    Great! :)

    Just a quick note : if you import a custom made pedal with custom image style graphics into a bias fx2 mobile chain, the style graphics is lost when the pedal gets selected (still visible though above, in the chain).

  • Hey, I agree with you for that, and I also find this new update really incredible

  • @nile-lord Do you think FX2 Mobile sounds better than FX1 Mobile?

    I'm not sure I can tell the difference. But then most of my settings are clean--little to no overdrive.

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