Customer service is just shocking.....

  • Blaming covid for breaking delivery promises is poor... have recieved orders from all around the world since placing this order on 20th November.

    Was 15-20 days delivery when ordered, now telling me it is 20-25 “working days”, said was handed to courier on the 2nd - it has not been it is saying on website still sat with them on tracking

    Cannot tell me when the bag will arrive, wouldn’t have ordered this for a Christmas gift if they had been honest.

    Took the cash at point of order in dollars despite shipping from germany, I get the VAT bit being added later on, however when you change the currency on the website it should change the price and include VAT, would eliminate this winding people up.

    Its the worst retail experience I have ever had, for probably one of the most exciting products....

    Who know if it will arrive or the whole thing is an elaborate hoax / scam...

  • Sorry but your not alone being frustrated. Using any shipping service, especially now with the volume of packages with the holidays and of course covid, expecting on time deliver is not happening. I don't know of any business's that are stating "don't order from us now, you won't get your package on time" as they don't dictate the shipping speed once they drop it off at the shipping facility. Business's only use estimates. I know you are upset, but it's the way of the world right now. Try and have a relaxing Holiday. Cheers.

  • Actually I know plenty of products you can order now with clear info that the delivery won't be in time for the holidays or that the arrival is estimated for some date in Jan. Just try Amazon. PG might try that approach. Yes, there are delays which will occur and circumstances now that are extraordinary, we all get that, but the point is that PG seems oblivious to reality and keeps taking orders and making promises they cannot keep. At some level, this is a choice the company makes and it's no surprise that paying customers are hugely frustrated as a result.

  • I'm worried about it being a scam as well... even though people have them and have been talking about them on guitar forums..

  • Am fairly sure there's no scam just incompetent customer relations.

  • @hibernian The customer relations are so horrible that I'll bet some author of textbooks for business schools is using PG as an example of how NOT to run a customer service department. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the different names that people are supposedly corresponding with are actually just one single individual sitting with an iPhone answering messages during breaks from his real job in the shipping department.

  • @dhbailey Ha, I suspect you might be closer to the truth than not. My contact 'Bunny' stopped responding when I completed the 'satisfaction' survey with open text explanation of why I felt the answers were evasive and unhelpful. Since then, I've not received an answer to a further query so maybe Bunny was told to get back to shipping!

  • @melanie_symes_brown , sorry to read your woes. I ordered mine last week Nov and it arrived yesterday in UK, about 2 weeks, so I am happy on that score.
    However, the power-supply is generating a constant Hum, so I am about to find out how good customer -service is in real-time. :)

  • @colinc7020 CS is a lottery, just like the hum issue.

  • Well.. after 3 weeks of complaining.. and pretty much every day and going through 3 different reps... The last one, just like the others, was giving the same template mail.. except the last one. They assured me and apologized and gave me a standard license to BIAS FX 2.
    Then a couple of hours later I got an email from Fedex that they have my package and is in routs. Deliver expected on the 22nd,
    Guess it pays to keep complaining... they get tired of you and just correct the issue.

  • @airman2001 Congrats -- the squeaky wheel and all that! Am not too concerned I did not get that offer as I'm not sure I'd know what to do with it, the Spark is going to be a learning curve for this old 'plug and play' guitarist. And mine is apparently due delivery today :)

  • @hibernian Well indeed mine did arrive, with the cover too which I assumed was coming separately. Of course, PG being PG, there has to be an issue, and mine is that when I tried to register it and download the Studio One software, I get a message telling me the serial number is already in use by another customer. Double. check, triple check....could those Os be 0s, nope, could the 1 be an I...nope....OK. Here we go again with customer support hoping for a resolution to this.

  • @hibernian Based on what I read, just get the free version of Studio One as it's no different.

  • @cbrandst Yes, am not too bothered about the software as long as I can get the Spark to work as intended with my iPad but I figured registration was probably useful given the various messages about problems with other parts of the Spark, a sort of 'just in case I need it' situation. From the little searching I did, the serial number glitch is actually not unusual, some new owners need to have PG somehow approve or release the number for the device before you can register it...have no idea why but am assuming this is what I am experiencing. It's sort of indicative of the whole PG customer interface really. Btw - the sizing of the number on the back of the Spark would strain the eyesight of hawk, I bet some folks have to photo it and blow it up to read it, or get a magnifying glass. Who thinks up these things?

  • @hibernian so glad it showed up for you - did you get an update after it left germany? Or Did it just arrive?

    Still waiting and hoping it makes it here before xmas!

  • @melanie_symes_brown Melanie, am in the US so mine came from California. I tracked it via Fed Ex who were largely ahead of the game in terms of telling me when it was coming, PG told me it had shipped two days after Fed Ex had already confirmed that and given me a delivery window. I totally get your frustration at the Xmas delivery estimate. I'd imagine you won't hear much from PG until after it has shipped, if at all, which might actually be good news given we're a week from Xmas as there's a remote possibility the amp is on the way now and they've just not told you, but unless you can confirm this with the shippers directly, I'd set my expectations accordingly. Best of luck with this, and let us know.

  • The amp & the bag arrived together this morning!!!

    After not updating on GLS since 2nd December, a flurry of activity over the last 12 hours resulted in a knock at the door at 8.30am, 12 hours after the parcel registered on the local carriers website as landing in the UK.

    Not according to PG and their link, its still in transit - lesson being trust that its on its way and as soon as you local carrier gets it you will be given robust ETAs...

    Happy Christmas everyone!

  • Excellent news.

    Now is there a new user thread that folks here find particularly helpful? I learned a ton just watching the first 20 mins of this [](link url). But one issue I had to search on here was sound from my iPad backing not coming through even though the guitar sounds were - just needed to switch bluetooth off and re-pair it. Am sure there's tons of useful tips out there that will save us hours.

  • Well I got my amp before covid. Broke immediately and returned it and now I have been waiting 9 months for a replacement. They essentially took my my money and my broken amp. They no longer respond to my emails.

  • I have been dealing with a faulty amp for since August. Finally got an RMA in November. Was told I needed to ship faulty amp to a local PG rep or DC. Ask PG to provide a shipping label. Received a shipping label mid November and shipped it out to the address on the pre-completed shipping label. Package was received a few days later by PG rep. Sent 3 emails (on top of the dozens prior to all this) showing tracking info to CS asking for update on shipping of replacement. Received email 2 days ago with tracking info... They are shipping my Spark...back to themselves...all someone did was print a reverse label. The original was made out by PG with shipper located in Boynton, FL. The receiver was someone in Commerce, CA (I assume their agent). Instead of looking at who the shipment was supposed to be sent to, they just blindly shipped it hoping that the shipping fairies would fix it. I contacted PG's CS via chat yesterday and spoke to a nice person who escalated the complaint in hopes we could stop the shipment before it left the state...I received an email from the tech...I want mention a this time, but he asked me, if I could REACH OUT TO FEDEX AND CANCEL THE SHIPMENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I sent a scathing email reply and pretty much a demand for my property to be properly shipped to me. I am seriously put out by this lack of even doing ones job, especially during a time when some many other people would probably kill to have a job. This seriously lowers my once vaulted opinion and support of Positive Grid. You pretty much dropped the ball on your own software while you reel around trying to catch up to SPARK orders. We are still using a Bias Pedal that is useless because you won't upgrade it to match version 2 software...and to top it all off IK MULTIMEDIA's new Amplitube 5 pretty much blows away the competition...I just hope I don't have to wait for another 2 months to receive my replacement that was shipped out 12 miles from my house and heading to Florida....