Background crackling (no hum), mainly in standard distortion modes

  • Hey all,

    Issue: please have a listen to the two sound examples I uploaded. In most of the settings, especially when their seems to be some kind of gain/distortion involved, i have a very loud crackling background noise.

    Sound files on Soundcloud:
    Clean mode all the way to metal mode
    Test with VOL control on guitar

    I bought a Ibanez RG421 (2× Humbucker) and also played the first week on a mini Amplug (VOX) without issues. Guitar was working fine in store as well. I also tried plugging my western guitar, same issue.

    In one of the recordings, I turn the VOL knob of the guitar up and done and it effects the sound issue - as the Gain, Master or Output know on the Spark does as well. So clearly if I turn up the volume the sound issue is amplified as well.

    In the other, I switch from the clean mode all the way through the metal mode. You can here that it gets worse and worse.

    Lastly, the crackling sound is audible when I play / touch the strings only. And also endures around 3-5 seconds after I mute them. Then the background noise fades out and is gone... weird!

    Many others talk about a "hum" issue. I also saw videos of that. I believe I could have a different problem. Grounding the Spark with a laptop reduces the noise but only a small bit. It is still present.

    Do I need to return the Spark?


  • I would click the "contact support" along the top of the webpage and fill out a ticket. I don't know if PG monitors these forums regularly.

  • @tdolby
    So you confirm that this is not ok or based on me having settings wrong?

  • This crackling noise is not normal. They must change the amp.

  • It seem that it was an issue with a Powerline adapter which was connected to another socket in the same room. For now, as soon as I unplugged the adapter, the crackling sound went away. I will test further the next days.